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Tuesday, 14th July 2015 @ 08:08 PM
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Thursday, 2nd July 2015 @ 01:12 AM
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It seems strange to celebrate my seventeenth birthday twice now. I had shortly turned before arriving here, and then here. Of course, very little of this place makes sense to be honest. It's absolutely fascinating.

I was also wondering just how much has the immortal idea has been tested by anyone?


Thank you for the lovely gifts though. The watch is lovely and I will wear it often.

Sunday, 21st June 2015 @ 10:31 AM
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Hello. I believe that I am supposed to introduce myself on this journal. My name is Orestes Cresswell. I am seventeen and in the house of Slytherin. I arrived a couple of nights previously. I'm actually hoping to connect with my brother and sister, Michael and Cassandra Cresswell. If anyone has seen them, please do inform me. Thank you.

Saturday, 20th June 2015 @ 02:30 PM
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Saturday, 20th June 2015 @ 02:29 PM
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Monday, 30th December 2013 @ 04:22 PM
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